What Size Backdrop Do I Need?

As well as offering a wide range of materials, we also offer a wide range of sizes as we understand all photoshoots are different and photographers have different requirements. 

We offer backdrops that can be used on their own, paired with a floor backdrop or you can purchase one of our 2 in 1 backdrops which come in one piece. If you see two backdrops that you would like as a 2 in 1 backdrop, drop us an email and we will see if its possible to create.

It is also worth mentioning that you must make sure you have adequate space for your backdrop. We recommend measuring your studio space before ordering.

It can also be hard to judge the size you need especially if you are new to using our backdrops. To help with your decision we have created a size guide which shows the various sizes.  

Studio Backdrops Size Guide