What materials are used on my backdrops / floors?

The backdrops and floors are printed onto high quality materials which are very durable and waterproof. We use inks that are waterproof and UV resistant. This makes our backdrops and floors suitable for indoor or outdoor use if needed.

What size backdrop should I buy?

It can be hard to judge the size you need especially if you are new to using our backdrops. To help with your decision we have created a Size Guide which compares our various sizes.

Do you offer different materials?

Yes we do! See our Materials page for more information. As all our products are made to order, we always recommend that you request one of our Free Material Swatch Samples before you purchase any backdrop.

How are my backdrops and floors made?

Your backdrop or floor is printed using one of our wide format printers. The material is attached to the printer in roll format which passes through the printer and then passes over high heats or UV light as it comes out. This process cures the ink which makes the ink become durable. The rolls are then taken off the printer and cut to the desired size. At this stage loops are welded on if required. These are then packaged for dispatch.

How do I use my backdrops / floors?

Most photographers clamp the backdrops to a stand, alternatively we can weld or  stitch a pole loop onto your backdrop for a small additional charge. This can be used to thread your stand pole through. The polyester materials will have stitched loops and all other materials will have welded loops. Some photographers prefer tape the backdrop to a wall using masking tape.

The floors are usually placed freely and flat on the floor although they may not work properly on carpets and uneven floor surfaces. Try to use them on flat dust and grit free surfaces.

Some backdrops can be prone to lighting and flash glare but this can usually be overcome by feathering the light away from the backdrop. This usually happens on darker coloured backdrops so we would recommend you purchase the Poly Paper, Coated Polyester or the Blockout Polyester.

You Tube has some great tutorials on setting up lighting when using backdrops.

Does my backdrop include the stand?

As stated on the product page, the majority of our backdrops do not include the photography backdrop stand however, our Pull Up Backdrops do come with the full freestanding mechanism. Our backdrops will fit on any standard photography backdrop. Please ask before purchasing if you are unsure.

Will my backdrop be exactly the same colour as on the website?

All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Although computer monitors are becoming more consistent they can still differ due to various colour settings. Therefore, we can not guarantee exact color matches, but the color will be close. If you require a backdrop to be matched to a specific colour we can send out test swatches but these are chargeable at £20.00 for up to 4 colours. All our products go through quality control before they are dispatched.

Will my backdrop be the exact size that I purchased?

Generally your backdrop will be the exact size but please note that backdrops can be slightly longer or shorter when finished. This is due to heat and UV light used during the print process to cure the inks.

How should I store my backdrops / floors?

When you are not using your backdrop it may be an idea to keep it stored in the Storage Tube which the backdrop will be delivered to you in. If you would rather keep your backdrops in separate tubes you can purchase additional Backdrop Storage Tubes along with your backdrop purchase. If your backdrop does become creased try hanging or laying it in a warm room for 24 hours.

How should I take care and maintain my backdrops / floors?

Our vinyl backdrops and floors are fully waterproof and wipe clean with warm water. Please be careful not to rub the backdrop as this may affect the quality. As they are printed onto flexible materials they can become creased so always make sure they are laid flat when in use and rolled up when not. The ink on the backdrops and floors are quite durable however it is best to avoid dragging, rubbing or dropping anything on these as they will scuff.

Can you print my own image onto a backdrops / floors?

Yes, we can take your supplied image and create your backdrop or floor at no extra cost. We can print onto 3m wide rolls which means we can print seamless backdrops or floors that are 3m wide by up to 10m+. If you look under the Custom Backdrops section there is a listing for a custom photographers backdrop or floor. If you purchase this and upload artwork or you can email artwork to info@studio-backdrops.co.uk with your order number we will get this into production. Please make sure all artwork is ready to print. We can accept files in PDF, EPS, JPG, PSD and TIFF formats. All files must be set to CMYK colour format. Any files set to RGB can look vibrant on screen but will dull when our large format printer converts them to CMYK and may create unexpected results. If you have colours set to spot colours or Pantone / Ral colours, our large format printers will match this the best it can, however we cannot guarantee a match. The higher the resolution the better, however too much can make the file sizes quite large which can make it hard to send. We recommend your file is no less than 150dpi when your artwork is scaled to full size. If we have to make any changes to your artwork because it is not ready to print we may have to charge and additional artwork fee however any additional fees will be confirmed beforehand. Please note we cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of your artwork sent.

Can I return my backdrops / floors if I change my mind?

See our returns policy for more information.

How are my backdrops / floors sent?

We use TNT or UPS for all our deliveries. Due to the size of the backdrops it makes it cheaper than the regular post. Once your backdrop has been dispatched you will receive a delivery confirmation by email providing we have your email address when ordered. Your backdrop order will include one cardboard postal tube with plastic ends caps. If you would rather keep your backdrops in separate tubes you can purchase additional Backdrop Storage Tubes along with your backdrop purchase.

How long will it take for my backdrops / floors to arrive?

We aim to have your backdrops and floors dispatched within 2 working days from ordering. Please note this may increase slightly during busy periods. None of our delivery services are guaranteed for delivery times and are a guide only. We would not recommend booking photo shoots based on these service times.

Does my order include VAT?

Our products are inclusive of VAT which is set at the UK rate. VAT invoices can be requested after ordering through our website. Please email info@studio-backdrops.co.uk once you have ordered to request one.

Do you offer discounts?

Our home page will show any current offers and discounts. You can subscribe to our mailing list in the footer of the website and you can also 'Like' us on Facebook, 'Follow' us on Twitter and Instagram, links are in the website footer.

Do you deliver outside the UK?

Yes we do. Please contact us by email at info@studio-backdrops.co.uk for a quote before you order.

Do you have a showroom?

At the moment we do not have a showroom but you can email or call us to discuss any requirements you need using our contact details. As all our products are printed to order we don't have products that can be viewed before ordering. We do offer our Free Material Swatch Samples that you see before ordering.